Intercultural Welcome Resources

We have brought together a welcome poster and a collection of flyers translated in different languages for use in your corps/centre. It’s a great way to communicate that we are a welcoming Church! If you would like to find out more, contact Jonny Smith.

Welcome poster and leaflets in English

Community Engagement

Download the print-ready welcome poster for use in your corps/centres. It’s a great and friendly way to let people know they are welcome in an inclusive community.

Community Engagement

Click below to download the English version.

Community Engagement

Click below to download the editable version where you can customise the back of the leaflet and add in information about your corps. Only available in English.

Other useful links

Journeying together, respecting each other's cultures, and starting to tangibly see God's Kingdom now, right before our eyes.

These resources are a great way to introduce your corps to members of your community as well as share info about The Salvation Army nationally.

This leaflet answers some of the basic questions about Jesus - his place in history, his life, teaching, example, death, resurrection and Spirit in the world today.

A video-based discipleship resource to help groups explore searching questions about life and faith through sport.