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That Contentious Spirituality

Melvyn Jones

That Contentious Spirituality

That Contentious Spirituality

Melvyn Jones

  • Hard copy £8
  • E-book £7

In this book author Melvyn Jones explains that while we are called to unity in the body of Christ, it is not a one-size-fits-all unity. Rather, it is unity in diversity.

That Contentious Spirituality enables readers to:

  • Explore the history behind The Salvation Army’s teachings.
  • Look at reflections of modern-day Salvationists and find out what the future may hold for the church and charity’s stance on spirituality.
  • Get inspired on how to celebrate differences of opinion while honouring God and building up the wider church.
Major Melvyn Jones

What do we mean by 'Salvationist spirituality'?

Rebecca Goldsmith interviews Major Melvyn Jones, author of That Contentious Spirituality.

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