Every Picture Tells A Story

A resource for children’s groups, using photography as a way of nurturing young people's curiosity, creativity and spirituality outdoors.

Exploring Psalm 139:1-18 and questions around identity and purpose, 'Every Picture Tells A Story' uses photographs to help children express themselves, whilst appreciating everyday outdoor spaces. Across six themed sessions you get to experiment with different photographic techniques, engage in fruitful conversation and play games related to the session activities.

This is an innovative way to nourish children's relationship with God - and there is no need for in-depth knowledge of photography, just have fun!

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Every Picture Tells A Story

This six-session resource is designed to be used in outdoor spaces: a city, a street, a park, a community garden, a woodland/forest etc, with small groups of children and includes all you need to get started with leader checklist, sample letter and risk assessment.

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God is all around. We can’t escape his beauty and love. Take some photos which reflect beauty and love to you.

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