Prayer Partners

Prayer Partners is about walking together. It is a simple resource which helps everyone to feel part of church life, regardless of age. It is not a formal programme but something that will hopefully become part of the life of your setting, assisting a journey of conversation with God through the support of generations praying together. The language and practice of Prayer Partners is well established in The Salvation Army so it is our hope that this will provide an updated framework to help you move safely and confidently towards intergenerational prayer support.

On this page you will find:

  • Information to get started
  • How to be a prayer partner - Part 1. An editable invitation that explains more about Prayer Partners.
  • How to be a prayer partner - Part 2. Safeguarding information based on Salvation Army safeguarding principles.

Please email to order pocket prayer cards and safeguarding cards.

  • Pocket prayer card to make notes of prayer requests that fits behind your phone.
  • Folded safeguarding card to use as a quick reference to keep both partners safe.
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Getting Started

Introduction and 10 steps to get started


Editable template to invite children and adults to become involved in Prayer Partners.


Safeguarding information for Prayer Partners and the Prayer Partners Co-ordinator.

Three Main Questions

The focus of the partnership is to support both Prayer Partners in ‘walking together’. If we imagine our corps as a big group walking together, we might move around and chat to different people, but every so often, we might end up walking next to our Prayer Partner for a time. When that happens, we can ask each other the following questions which form the basis of how we will pray for each other in the coming days/weeks: 

  • As you’ve walked along the path of your life recently, have you found/been given anything you are thankful for? Let’s say thank you for it. 

  • Are you carrying anything heavy in your life-rucksack at the moment? Is there something important or difficult happening that makes you feel weighed down? I’d like to pray that God will help you carry that heavy thing. 

  • Is there anything coming up, further along the road, that you know you will need God’s help with? I’d like to pray that it will go well.

screenshot of example cards to order

Order pocket prayer cards and folded safeguarding cards

Get in touch

Safe & Sound

Ensure all adults have completed 'Safe&Sound For Everyone'. Click the link below to find out how to access training and who to contact.

Click here
"Many of us will have learned about prayer in Sunday school - what it is, why we do it, how and when we should do it… but what many children lack is an experience of knowing prayer: witnessing others pray, experiencing prayer, playing with it, trying it out, noticing God in prayer, being exposed to different ways of praying."
Being an Intergenerational Church – Practices to bring the generations back together – Suzi Farrant and Darren Philip, Saint Andrew Press 2023:98

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