6 October 2022

Appointments Bulletin: 6 Oct 2022

Colonel Paul Main

Chief Secretary Colonel Paul Main shares the latest appointments bulletin for the United Kingdom and Ireland Territory.

On behalf of the Territorial Commander I am pleased to announce the following divisional leadership appointments for the 14 UKI divisions:


* Divisional Commander

** Remain in current role until new roles are adopted

*** Assistant Divisional Commander

Effective: 09/01/2023

  • Central, Southern and Channel Islands Division: Majors Lisa** and Mike* Lloyd-Jones.
  • East Midlands Division: Majors Lindy** and Mark* Rose.
  • East of England Division: Major Howard Russell*, Major Pam Pitt***.
  • Ireland Division: Colonels Chris** and Neil* Webb.
  • North East Division: Majors David* and Gillian** Burns.
  • North Scotland Division: Major Gillian Jackson*, Major Steve Dutfield**.
  • North West and Isle of Man Division: Majors David* and Kathryn** Taylor.
  • Wales Division: Majors Noreen** and Roger* Batt.
  • West Midlands Division: Lieut-Colonels Karin** and Joao Paulo* Ramos.
  • Yorkshire and Humber Division: Major Jane Cowell*.

Effective: 06/04/2023

  • South West Division: Majors Gillian** and Paul* Billard.

Effective: 01/07/2023

  • Central and Southern Scotland Division: Major Janet Robson*.
  • London Division: Majors Amanda** and Stephen* White.
  • South East Division: Majors Linda** and Mark* Herbert.

On behalf of the Territorial Commander I am pleased to announce the following appointments:

Lieut-Colonel David Shakespeare

  • Present appointment: Divisional Commander, North London Division.
  • New appointment: Assistant Secretary for Personnel, Personnel Service, THQ, effective: 09/02/2023.

North London interim divisional leadership will be announced in due course.

Major Julian Watchorn

  • Present appointment: Assistant Secretary for Personnel.
  • New appointment: Editor-in-Chief, Editor Salvationist, Assistant Secretary for Communications, Communications Service, THQ, effective: 09/02/2023.

Major Valerie Mylechreest

  • Present appointment: Divisional Commander, South London Division.
  • New appointment: Staines Corps, South East Division, effective: 01/07/2023.

We pray God’s blessing upon our friends as they take up their new appointments.

A photo of Paul Main.

Colonel Paul Main

Chief Secretary

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