26 September 2022

Harvest: Don’t forget you can give online

Hannah Kingston

A screenshot of the Harvest online giving form

As corps across the territory celebrate Harvest, Resource Co-ordinator Hannah Kingston reminds Salvationists that they can give their offering online.

To help make giving as easy as possible, you can give your Harvest offering via salvationarmy.org.uk. Once you have entered your desired amount and the payment has been processed, you will be prompted to enter your corps name. This ensures money is allocated to support local mission where you are.

Of the money you give, 75 per cent goes to your corps and the other 25 per cent goes to your division's Mission Opportunities Fund to help resource new, exciting initiatives in your region.

Give online

Include your corps name when prompted so the funds are allocated correctly.


The money given to divisional funds has already been a catalyst for many exciting and fruitful projects, from kick-starting community hubs and parent-and-toddler groups to providing transport for families with limited income so they can attend divisional events.

In one area, it’s supported the development of training programmes that equip Salvationists for mission and community engagement. It’s hoped that this course is the start of a divisional training hub, which will go on to train successive cohorts of corps members and officers.

Another great example of how the fund has been used is in Shetland. While the corps doesn’t have a building, they have started a community gardening project in a polytunnel and offer the fruit and vegetables they grow to people who may be struggling to put food on the table.

The venture has helped them build relationships and have faith conversations with people in the community – they even have a prayer space in an outbuilding.

These stories give a small insight to how the Harvest offering is supporting mission across the territory. We hope they trigger your imagination and inspire you to consider how you could use the money that is given locally.

Written by

Hannah Kingston

Hannah Kingston

Resource Co-ordinator

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