9 September 2023

Back to school


A photo shows an empty classroom ready to receive students.

Hermione (Southport) encourages us to start the new term trusting in God.

Going back to school can be exciting or terrifying for young people. For many like me, it’s exam year, which means more stress is added, inside and outside school, for both students and families, who all want to start the year off confidently. It’s always difficult going back after six weeks of summer, with lie-ins and late nights, as suddenly we must be around 800 other people at 9am when we’ve just woken up.

The new school year also comes with new opportunities, such as joining the school orchestra or performing in a show. For many this is exciting and they can’t wait to join. But for those who feel alone or scared of meeting new people, going to a club can feel like the worst thing they could possibly do. My dad has always told me to look out for the lonely and spend time with those no one else does.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if someone looks down at you for being friends with the kid no one speaks to, because you could be making their day so much better just by being someone to talk to. In God’s eyes, we are all equal, and shouldn’t feel inferior or be treated as lesser than another because we look or act differently.

Being a Christian at school can be a massive challenge and I have faced some difficulties with that, so I want everyone to know that God is always with them – no matter their age or background. The new term offers the chance to shine and share the love of God through everything you do, even through the subtle act of helping someone else carry their books.

I know that everyone going back to education – primary, secondary, college or university, students and teachers alike – would appreciate it if you prayed that the ease into this new academic year was smooth and stress-free. This year, I’d like to remind any parent that their child is trying their best and that, no matter what, they want you to support them through their highs and lows.

Even if you left school 40 years ago, you know that it can be hard, so a simple prayer and a ‘well done’ to a young person at your corps every so often can go a long way and give them the confidence boost they need to get through the upcoming year.

Reflect and respond

  • Read Proverbs 12:25: ‘Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up.’ How can you make someone who is struggling feel happier this week?

  • Listen to the song ‘Stand in Your Love’ and reflect on the lyrics: ‘My fear doesn’t stand a chance,/ When I stand in your love.’ How can you encourage the young people around you to put their trust in Jesus?

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