15 July 2022

Cadet testimony: 'I found my home, I found my people'

Emily Hague

Emily Hague
Cadet Emily Hague of the Messengers of Reconciliation session shares her story ahead of Commissioning this Sunday 17 July at Together 2022.

In 2011, at a time when I was struggling desperately with life, I had an encounter with Jesus that changed everything.

I suddenly seemed aware of God, that I needed to say sorry and that he’d somehow saved my life. When I asked how I could repay him, he simply asked me to tell people about who he is and what he has done.

At this point I hadn’t much awareness of The Salvation Army beyond a distant memory of the corps band in Canterbury marching down our road to play Christmas carols when I was young. It was in 2013, shortly after watching a documentary about the Army, that I received an invitation and was led to Regent Hall one Sunday morning.

It was there that I finally found what I hadn’t realised I’d been missing and searching for all along. I found my home, I found my people – and God was asking something of me that felt bold and beyond anything I’d experienced.

I knew immediately that I needed to enrol as a soldier. It wasn’t long before I realised, along with a clear vision that he had already given me, that this would also involve me serving him as a Salvation Army officer.

After much questioning, testing and further confirmations and affirmations at Clevedon – where I have spent most of my Army years – I finally entered William Booth College in 2020, despite the barriers and a global pandemic that tried to get in the way.

A group photo of the Messengers of Reconciliation
The Messengers of Reconciliation

It hasn’t always been easy, and I have faced challenges, hurts and upsets throughout the process. God’s grace and abundant love, however, have not changed – strength that comes from the Holy Spirit continues to guide me and help me to trust in him.

I love being where I am and doing what I am doing. I am passionate about learning and discovering even more of who God is and what he has done so I can tell it to the world with great joy!

I very much look forward to serving him and the people of Snettisham in my first appointment.

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Emily Hague

Emily Hague


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