30 October 2023

6 ways the Christmas specials of Kids Alive! and War Cry can help you

A pile of Christmas issues of the War Cry on a wooden table next to a pile of Christmas issues of Kids Alive!

The Christmas editions of Kids Alive! and War Cry are missional resources that can be used throughout December – find out how they can help you in your ministry.

As Advent approaches, corps across the territory are starting to plan how they can spread the good news this Christmas. From carol services to food and present parcels, Salvationists will be living out the gospel through their community engagement and outreach. Whatever you are doing, the Christmas editions of Kids Alive! and War Cry will be there to help you spread the good news.

The special editions of the weekly magazines are packed with features, games and stories to remind people of the real meaning of Christmas. With no date on the cover, they are designed to be used throughout the whole Christmas season. Will you have enough copies ready?

Here are six ways the Christmas specials can help you in your ministry:

1. A welcome present for visitors

Whether carolling on the high street or hosting a warm space, you will be meeting people this Christmas who might not usually attend your corps. From friends and family to visitors from the local area, a copy of War Cry or Kids Alive! can provide a lasting welcome they can take away and keep throughout the Christmas season – and because the issues have no date, they are a timeless resource to use at any point.

2. A handy conversation-starter

Let’s be honest: outreach can be hard work at the busiest of times. During carolling and other external engagements this Christmas season, why not take copies of Kids Alive! or War Cry with you? Already written to be as accessible as possible, any one of their inspiring stories or funny jokes is a handy conversation-starter!

3. A thank-you gift to regulars

Christmas is a time for community and saying thank you to all those who are part of yours – the regulars who attend your weekly programme, the groups that hire your hall or the people who donate to your present appeal or food bank. Expressing your gratitude can be as easy as giving them a magazine or comic to curl up with – a reminder of the real meaning of Christmas shows them how much they mean to you and to God.

4. A way to share joy at schools and children’s groups

Who says sharing a Christmas giggle only happens when you pull a cracker? Giving a supply of Kids Alive! to a local school, especially if they’ve donated toys to your appeal, can help spread Christmas cheer far and wide. If you run a parent-and-toddler, Brownies, Babysong, Dance Fit Tots or another YP group, the Christmas Kids Alive! special is packed with materials to keep the joy of the Christmas story going – and you don’t have to prepare any of it!

5. Added comfort and entertainment to your parcels

Food parcels or present parcels will be central to Christmas work for many corps across the territory, as they seek to help people who are struggling to make ends meet. Including a copy of War Cry, or Kids Alive! for families with children, can add some extra kindness to each package by providing additional comfort, entertainment and hope – without them feeling embarrassed about it.

6. A source of funds for more outreach and activities

When you sell War Cry or Kids Alive! on the street, did you know you’re also helping to raise funds for your corps? Each copy of the Christmas special is available to corps selling to the public at the regular price of 25p for Kids Alive! and 20p for War Cry. With a cover price of 50p each, that means your corps benefits from additional funds every time you sell a copy – a gift that makes sure your corps can keep on giving to your community in the future.

Order your copies by 16 November

The 2023 Christmas specials will be the 2 December issues, although they will not have a date printed on them. 

To add copies to your usual weekly order, or to order copies for the first time:

Orders must be received by Thursday 16 November at the latest.

Order your copies

To order copies of the Christmas specials, contact SP&S by Thursday 16 November.

Email SP&S

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