15 June 2023

‘God is sitting right beside you’

Christine Scales

Photo shows Christine Scales.

Christine Scales (Balham) shares how the Lord is working in her life today.

About 30 years ago I decided to go to a keep-fit class. There I met this lady and I could not stand her! She just kept on chatting! One day we were having a cup of tea together and she started talking about The Salvation Army. It had never happened before, but that conversation smacked me right in the face! At the time I was a Catholic, but I wanted to learn more about being a Salvationist.

One night later there was a ring at the door. It was a man from the Army. I asked him to come in and we talked about the Army. He invited me to the local corps for lunch. I went several times for lunch and one day I was asked to attend a church meeting. But I couldn’t as I was a Catholic. I lay awake at night thinking about it.

I then decided to become a Salvation Army soldier and it was the best thing I have ever done. I feel so proud when I put my uniform on and I know that Jesus is with me. The advice I would give to young people in The Salvation Army today is to go to Sunday school and to listen to their teachers.

I feel God’s presence every day and it is wonderful. He is working in my life today: when I have a difficulty I sit down, close my eyes and speak to Jesus in prayer and ask for his help.

My relationship with God has changed over my life for the better. When I was Catholic, I would light a candle in church, thinking, ‘Why do I bother? Who listens and who cares?’ Now, because of what I have experienced at The Salvation Army, I know that God is with me all the time. I thank God every day for my life.

When I was a child, I was in a car accident and my skull was fractured. God could have taken me just like that, but he didn’t. I have often wondered, ‘Why, why, why?’ I don’t know why I survived, and no one else knows either. But God knows. I think the reason he allowed me to live is so that I could help other people.

I talk to people about their problems and pray with them when they are in need. They will sometimes ask me, ‘Christine, is God really there?’ I always reply: ‘You can’t see him darling, but he is sitting right beside you.’

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Photo of Christine Scales.

Christine Scales


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