1 June 2024

A journey of discovery: Introducing the Terrain programme

A photo shows a group of people taking part in the Terrain programme sat outside on garden chairs in a circle.

Jo Taylor (Children and Youth Department) talks Terrain with Lyn Woods.

What is Terrain?

Over the course of the year-long programme, Terrainees journey closely together through the four Gospels, gaining insight into Jesus’ life. Running from September to September, it’s a year of adventure, exploration, reflection and review to explore the fullness of life Jesus has waiting for you. Terrain offers a unique opportunity to listen to Jesus through experience, encounter, questioning and sharing while building relationships and supporting each other on the journey.

Who is it for?

Anyone connected to the Army, aged 18 to 25, who is curious, searching, asking big questions, spiritually hungry and ready to journey with Jesus. You don’t need to feel you already have it all sorted in life. Terrain is a learning experience to help you thrive and flourish in ways you may never have imagined possible.

Are there any barriers to joining?

Our Terrain goal is inclusion. We embrace diversity and we’ll work hard to make the programme work for you. Yes, there will be challenges for everyone in different ways, but if you’re willing to be open to venturing beyond your comfort zone and pushing your perceived limits, you can achieve more than you ever believed possible and learn more about yourself as you do it.

What advice do you have for prospective Terrainees?

Everyone should do it! If you’re unsure whether Terrain is for you or nervous about what it might involve, get in touch with the Children and Youth team and talk to us. Let’s have that conversation – we love talking Terrain!

If you’re ready, start preparing your heart and mind for the journey ahead. Notice what is around you and within you. Terrain will draw on all your senses as you look, listen, search and feel your way through.

What do Terrainees need?

A funding contribution of between £275 and £550 (depending on employment status), a deep desire to learn more about Jesus and availability and commitment to six sets of dates, which include four residential trips within the territory, a Zoom gathering and a course review in London.

What is included in the costs?

Four residential weekends away, food at all the residential weekends away, activities while away, the staffing of weekends – including qualified instructors and professional guests – plus a copy of the four Gospels and other resources.

Is transport included/provided?

It’s not, as the programme is already well subsidised. We suggest arranging this in collaboration with any fellow Terrainees or your divisional youth specialist.

How can I raise my funding and get my kit?

You could hold a fundraiser at your corps or centre, speak to your corps leader or DHQ to see if there is any possibility of sponsorship or commit to a regular payment plan to make it more manageable. You could also borrow kit and equipment from friends, family or people at your corps or centre to save you buying items you might not use again.

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