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Employment Plus

A Salvation Army job club
We support people who find themselves at the margins of our communities and we will speak with a prophetic voice to effect change in policy and practice for the ends of social justice.

The Salvation Army has, from its inception, seen ‘Work for All’ as a keystone of its service. Giving people an opportunity to work their way out of poverty has always been a fundamental principle of social inclusion and is part of our DNA. This has not changed.

Employment Plus works with numerous government funded contracts but delivers them through the corps network so that we are part of the corps family.

Sustainable employment transforms lives giving individuals choice and freedom, where before they were trapped within poverty. To sustain employment several other factors also need to be addressed as part of the transformation. This transformation is not only true for the individual but for those around them and for their community.

Over the last ten years, on various contracts, we have supported 26,732 unemployed people, mostly from either corps or Lifehouse settings.

In recent years, we have helped to establish 70 corps-led job clubs, or Employment Plus Locals, most of which are still functional following the pandemic. We estimate that these centres support around 500 people per year and, unfortunately, we expect the need will increase.

For more information about our work, please see salvationarmy.org.uk/employment-plus.

People with access to the intranet can also find resources on OurHub.

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