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Community Services

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Helping local expressions of The Salvation Army recruit and support volunteers.

Volunteering opportunities can:

  • Help grow Salvation Army programmes
  • Lead people to further involvement in corps life
  • Add richness to our worshipping communities

Support for you

Wendy Wasels, Volunteer Development Manager, works within Community Services at territorial headquarters.

Wendy works to:

  • Create resources, share best practice, and offer guidance around volunteering to improve both the volunteer and volunteer manager experience.
  • Ensure volunteer processes are up-to-date and relevant.
  • Improve the collection and management of volunteer data through our iTrent system.
  • Extend the external reach of Salvation Army volunteering to include more diverse audiences.

Wendy can:

  • Provide advice and training on volunteer management;
  • Assist with setting up new volunteer-involving programmes;
  • Collect and disseminate examples of volunteer best practice across the territory.


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Roles are advertised on salvationarmy.org.uk

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Volunteering resources

Resources to help you recruit and celebrate volunteers.

Community engagement

Local officership and service

Committing to ministry within your local setting.

Calling and vocation

Celebrating volunteers: meet Jason and Dennis

War Cry's Linda McTurk shines a light on Volunteers Week (1-7 June).

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7 Jun 2022


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