International Positional Statement


This International Positional Statement is intended to provide information and guidance to members of The Salvation Army.

As the official position of The Salvation Army, officers and others representing The Salvation Army must speak consistent with the position.

It is understood, however, that individual Salvationists may hold different views on some subjects and acceptance of position is not essential to membership.

The Salvation Army also recognises that non-members may not share the same perspective and does not discriminate or condemn those who do not hold the same beliefs or exclude them from attending our church services, working for us or receiving our support.

Peacemaking: Statement of position

The Salvation Army believes it is God’s intention for all people in all their relationships to experience peace that is just, sustainable and leads to fullness of life. The causes of violent conflict are always complex and multifaceted. The Salvation Army disagrees with those who argue that violence is inherent to religious belief. Jesus proclaimed a gospel of peace. Despite knowing that there would perpetually be troubles in this world, Jesus declared that human peacemaking in a troubled world is blessed by God.

The Salvation Army recognises the moral complexity inherent in issues of war and peace and the policing of civil order, and the difficult choices faced by governments and individuals. The Salvation Army itself is committed to peacemaking. It calls on everyone it can influence, especially Salvationists, to pray for peace, conscientiously pursue peace and equip themselves to become effective peacemakers. It recognises that even those who bear military or policing responsibilities can make peace and justice their goal.

The Salvation Army affirms that pursuing and sustaining peace requires communal effort. The Salvation Army will be a persistent advocate for social justice. It will encourage the building of cultures that intertwine peace and justice in the family, the Church and society. The Salvation Army supports global peacemaking efforts and will collaborate with others who share our objectives.

This positional statement was approved by the General in July 2016.

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About our International Positional Statements

The International Moral and Social Issues Council (IMASIC) is the body of The Salvation Army that advises the General and recommends statements of official position on contemporary moral and social issues.

The Positional Statements are subject to periodic review, and therefore represent the considered view of The Salvation Army on a subject at a certain point in time.

For more information about IMASIC and our International Positional Statements, visit our international website.

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