Positional statements

Positional statements are intended to provide information and guidance to members of The Salvation Army.

They are based on the Bible and from this we have expectations of how our officers (ministers of religion) lead their lives.

We do not expect the same level of adherence from non-members and do not condemn those who do not hold the same beliefs or exclude them from attending our church services, working for us or receiving our support.

We oppose any discrimination, marginalisation or persecution of any person. We find no scriptural support for demeaning or mistreating anyone for any reason. Anyone who comes to The Salvation Army will receive assistance based solely on their need and our capacity to provide help.  We work with people who are vulnerable and marginalised across the world, and offer very practical help, unconditional assistance and support regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

We employ a large number of people of other faiths, cultures and varying sexual orientation and we respect and value the rich diversity of our staff and the communities in which we serve.

These positional statements indicate the consensus and corporate view of The Salvation Army on a given topic as at the date of issue. All statements are subject to periodic review.

They represent the official position of The Salvation Army and therefore a Salvation Army officer's teaching and counsel should be consistent with them.

Positional Statements are prepared by an international or territorial Salvation Army Moral and Social Issues Council. All positional statements are submitted to The Salvation Army's International Headquarters for approval and are then issued – with the authority of the General.