29 June 2023

The All Terrain Podcast: Episode 40

Major Heather Poxon

Major Heather Poxon and the All Terrain Artwork

Host Jo Taylor is joined by Major Heather Poxon for this month's hypothetical hike.

Territorial Environmental Officer Major Heather Poxon was commissioned as an officer in 1993, following training and experience in commercial horticulture. Having worked in the Democratic Republic of Congo for a number of years on community development projects, Heather was seconded to Rwanda during the time of civil war in that country as part of the Army's first emergency response team. This was followed by 17 years as a corps officer in the UK and Ireland Territory and then 12 years as head of the International Development unit, first in Territorial Headquarters and then in International Headquarters.

Born and raised in Kenya by officer parents, married with two adult children, Heather now oversees and co-ordinates the practical application of The Salvation Army’s mission priority to care for creation. 

  • Find out more about the Environmental Office and how you could join the Environmental Champions Network

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The All Terrain Podcast

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