Christmas Celebration Lunch

This resource features a collection of ideas, resources and guidance for planning your Community Christmas lunches / meals, whether this will be held on Christmas Day or another day over the Christmas period, and includes:

  • Be a Star Befriender tips
  • Inclusion Guidance by the Enabled Team
  • An Extra Ordinary Christmas Short Talk Outline
  • Three new 'Just an Extra Ordinary...' monologues and more!

'Just an Extra Ordinary Christmas!'

Download the full and updated 2023 Christmas Celebration Lunch resource.

You can also download separate versions of the editable guest invitation, guest form, timetable, service and short talk outlines, and new monologue scripts below.


Download the editable Word template with suggested wording for inviting guests to your Christmas Celebration Meal.


Download the guest details information form.


Download the suggested timetable of the day with, united prayer for volunteers and staff, and the Christmas Service Outline.


Download the 'Just an Extra Ordinary Shepherd / Angel / Sheep' monologues to perform during the Christmas service.


Download this editable short talk outline to share at your Christmas Celebration Meal.

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All the promotional resources including editable posters, postcards and social media resources can be found on the Christmas Present Appeal resource page!

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