Who Is This Jesus Anyway?

Who is this Jesus anyway? And why is he important? Should we avoid him, ignore him, pretend he never existed?

In an age filled with ready information, it is strange to note that there are still some otherwise well educated people who don’t seem to realise that Jesus Christ is an historical fact – that he actually lived. Even though the Common Era calendar begins from his birth (AD) and the centuries before are listed as BC the fact of his life – and its impact since – hasn’t been fully grasped by a surprising number of people.

This helpful leaflet will help you discover more about Jesus, and point you in the direction of further information.

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Community Engagement

Who Is This Jesus Anyway? - English Version

This handout works well:

- For helping you reach out to non-Christians
- For new Christians
- For those that want to learn more about Jesus

Price: First 50 copies – Free for SA corps/centres in the UK and Ireland.

Additional copies – £0.10 each (plus P&P).

Community Engagement

Who Is This Jesus Anyway? - Spanish Version

Now also available to download in Spanish.

Who is this Jesus Anyway Leaflet Cover

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