Hello Community Outreach Resources

These resources are a great way to introduce The Salvation Army to members of your community. It shows the different ways they can become part of what you are doing as well as info about The Salvation Army nationally.

To order handouts, posters and banners email: resources@salvationarmy.org.uk 

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Other useful links

Community Events Resources

A range of leaflets, posters, banners and giveaways to support your community events.

Intercultural Welcome Resources

A collection of posters and flyers translated in a number of languages that can be used in your corps or centre.

Poster Resources

A collection of school, community engagement, and other key poster resources for you to use within your community.

Who Is This Jesus Anyway?

This leaflet answers some of the basic questions about Jesus - his place in history, his life, teaching, example, death, resurrection and Spirit in the world today.