Bounce is a ball-based wellbeing resource which gets children talking, listening and of course – bouncing!

It is a brilliant way for leaders to engage with children either in local schools or church groups. Based upon the 5 ways to wellbeing, the game uses the 6 letters of the word ‘Bounce’ to facilitate conversation and build relationships.

To play this energetic game, teachers and children’s leaders only need...

  • a pack of leader cards (containing 12 stickers)
  • a football-sized bouncy ball
  • a group of children who can catch!

Each letter card in the pack has 5 sentence openers linked with one of these words: Breathe, Others, Understand, Notice, Connect and Exercise. While players bounce, the leader reads one sentence opener from your matching leader card for the child to complete.

Bounce nurtures mental, physical and emotional development but let’s not forget that invisible world of a child’s spirituality. So when you come to the letter ‘U’ for Understand, leaders may use the Bible ideas card, read the quote and then allow the child to respond to words about fear and worry. Conclude the game with a recap of what players have learnt about each other, or you as leader have learnt about them.

The two videos below, also featured on our YouTube Channel, will help you to get started. ‘Get children Bouncing’ contains instructions on how to play and ‘Bounce into Schools’ explores how Bounce is relevant to the world of educational intervention and supports you in making contact. You can download an editable letter to the Headteacher below.

Replacement packs can be ordered at

Remote video URL
Remote video URL

Bounce Into Schools

Community Engagement

Send this letter to your local schools to begin Bounce today

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