Seasonal Assemblies (Primary)

KS1 and KS2 Ages 5-11

School assemblies tend to follow a seasonal timetable. Guest speakers are often invited in to speak to large groups of students covering a wide range of seasonal topics. This provides a wonderful opportunity to make a stronger connection with a school. These resources are here to help support and inspire you in delivering an engaging assembly for primary aged children.

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Right Tracks

Right Tracks is a new music resource produced for children and leaders to help learn more about God. *Includes a Primary School assembly each song.*

Exploring Homelessness

Resources for teaching in schools about how The Salvation Army supports people experiencing homelessness.

History (Primary)

Resources for school assemblies, lessons and talks focussing on William and Catherine Booth and the early days of The Salvation Army.

Primary Pupils

For primary school pupils learning about The Salvation Army.

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