International Day of Children and Youth

Join us in celebrating on Sunday 28 April, or on another Sunday of your choice.

A team of talented and passionate leaders under the supervision of captains Sung-Eun Jo and Yun-Taeg Kim from the Korea Territory have created materials for all ages:

  • Fantastic theme song with a real K-pop sound
  • Bible Recitation
  • Meeting plan and sermon outline
  • Intergenerational devotions
  • Activities, icebreakers and questions for different age groups.

There are also instructional videos to help you make the most of all the materials.

We will also have an online celebration on 27 April 2024 to kick of the International Day of Children and Young People and our international competition. Stay tuned for more information about this event in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on our social media for more information and events around this day.

Bright colours swirling into the centre with 'GROW' in capital letters at the centre

International Day of Children and Youth 2024

Access all the resources here

More Children and Youth Resources

Discipleship material for children’s groups. To help your group to interact, grow and have fun together. Now available: June 2024 and Light Guides for younger children.

Compelling small group (previously known as Cell Outlines) Bible study resources for ages 12-25

Bible verses, prayers and activities to help children understand the meaning behind the songs - PLUS action videos for selected songs.

A ball based wellbeing resource for schools or church groups. It offers children the opportunity to get talking, listening and moving!