2 March 2024

‘I am a follower of Jesus’

Tatiane Del Campo

A photo of Tatiane Del Campo and her family.

Tatiane Del Campo (Sutton) shares how she is part of the body of Christ through the Army.

I wasn’t born into – and didn’t grow up with – The Salvation Army. I am Brazilian, married to Peter and mother to two amazing boys, Pedro and Gabriel. I was living in London when I became a mother. Neither myself nor my husband had family around: our network of support was small and I felt isolated.

Someone recommended a toddler group down the road. I started attending and soon met other mums. The volunteers of the group had something special that drew me to them. I offered to volunteer and learnt they were all part of a church.

A few months later, one of them invited me to her daughter’s dedication at their church. I asked where it was. She replied: ‘Here!’ I didn’t know much about The Salvation Army and hadn’t realised that the community centre was also a church.

I vividly remember that dedication. The warm welcome of inclusivity, families and older people sitting together, children running around, and the multicultural atmosphere all made me very emotional. I cried a few times without knowing why.

I can’t recall when I became a Christian, but I’ve always known Jesus, thanks to my parents. After having my children, I felt a strong desire to belong to a faithful community. I wanted to find a place where my family and I could feel at home. That Sunday, when I stepped into worship at Sutton for the first time, I knew I had found the place.

Very few people wear uniform at the corps. I didn’t know the history of the Army so didn’t notice that. Now I know a bit more about how important that uniform is. I remember my first experience attending Commissioning – it was beautiful and emotional to see soldiers, cadets and officers fully uniformed. But, reflecting on my first day in Sutton, I wonder if I would have felt the way I did if I had walked into a hall where most people were wearing uniform.

It was very easy for me to belong and to feel I could be me at the corps. I became an active volunteer and wanted to be involved in serving Jesus.

My husband does not have a faith. I have struggled with this in the past, but my corps officer has helped me learn to respect him just as he respects and supports me. Peter enjoys visiting the corps during the week when he is off work to have a coffee with the corps officer. They chat about family, life, football and bikes. At Sutton, he feels at home; our friends have become like family.

I am neither a soldier nor an adherent, but I am a follower of Jesus. I attend my corps regularly, help at the Sunday school, volunteer, support its work financially and co-host a small group. I am part of the body of Christ and I strongly believe I help our church become the church God has called us to be.

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A photo of Tatiane Del Campo.

Tatiane Del Campo


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