2 March 2024

Belonging and Believing: The survey results

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As part of Belonging and Believing: The Big Conversation, Salvationist shares the headline findings of the Membership Working Group’s survey and conversations.

The Membership Working Group is exploring how the UKI Territory can shape discipleship within The Salvation Army in this territory. From September to November 2023, people were invited to take part in a ‘listening phase’ that aimed to support this dialogue.

There were 1,587 responses to the online and paper survey, as well as conversations between 328+ adults in 18 focus groups and 259+ children and young people in 22 focus groups. The focus groups came from seven divisions, the Territorial Advisory Council and Territorial Music School.

While these represent a broad range of perspectives, as with any listening exercise, there will be other voices and demographics that are not included in these findings for a number of reasons.

Secretary for Mission Lieut-Colonel Drew McCombe comments:

‘As the Membership Working Group has journeyed together over the past year, we have been reminded of our need for Holy Spirit wisdom as we move forwards. While these results will help inform the Membership Working Group’s recommendations – which will go to territorial leadership this summer – this weekend and these results are all about listening. Listening is the greatest form of respect we can give to one another. We will be making space over the weekend to lament the times when we have got things wrong and to hear from God about how we can do better.’


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Belonging and Believing

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