5 December 2022

The General: 'Salvation Army volunteers amaze and encourage me'

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General Brian Peddle shares a video message to mark International Volunteers Day (5 December).

The generosity of Salvation Army volunteers across the globe continues to amaze and encourage me.

Volunteers working hard to serve those in need, volunteers who are providing food for people who are fleeing in Ukraine, practical assistance, emotional and spiritual comfort during disaster response and recovery, offering safe shelter for those experiencing homelessness, rehabilitation support for survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery. Those who provide the spiritual response – administrative fundraising, for instance – and support of our mission and ministry. These are just a few of the examples of how volunteers have served during this past year.

I am grateful for the realisation of 1 Peter 4:10, whereby our Salvation Army volunteers use their unique spiritual gifts to serve and support others. On this International Volunteers Day, I want to express my deep appreciation and together as The Salvation Army say thank you.

And let me have this moment to celebrate and pray for you, our volunteers who continue to serve with all your strength and with the inspiration that the love of God provides to us.

My prayer today: may God bless you, each one of you, as you continue to serve with The Salvation Army.

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A photo of General Brian Peddle in Salvation Army uniform

General Brian Peddle

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