6 November 2021

Review: 'Keys of the Kingdom'

Lieut-Colonel Alan Bateman

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This book provides compelling evidence to substantiate Major Nigel Bovey’s claim in the preface to be able to ‘cut to the chase’.

He claims no formal qualifications in theology or biblical studies, but his natural ability to apply the truths of Scripture relevantly, discerningly and profoundly in user-friendly language will no doubt be the envy of many theologians.

The book’s 52 chapters are brief – averaging a mere 500 words each – but they speak truth into the big issues of today.

It is valuable for students of the Bible at any level, as an enriching weekly devotional or as a weekly Bible study. The discernment in each chapter assists our inevitably incomplete human understanding of this significant subject.

When so many people are searching for purpose and meaning in life, Kingdom values are counter-cultural and force us to make tough choices. Keys of the Kingdom will assist us in that task.

The book’s 52 chapters are brief – averaging a mere 500 words each – but they speak truth into the big issues of today.
Lieut-Colonel Alan Bateman

Each chapter has a principal scriptural reference but, where applicable, the parallel synoptic accounts are included to provide the bigger picture.

The succinct ‘To ponder’ feature – just prior to each chapter’s concluding prayer – prompts a practical application and/or personal response from the reader.

The sensitive and carefully crafted prayers clearly come from the author’s personal relationship with the Lord. They add blessing and worth to everything else.

It is difficult to sum up the 52 chapters but one thing is unmistakable: the book never once loses focus on the Kingdom.

The pages prior to chapter one are essential reading, because they provide the rationale and background canvas on which the 52 ‘portraits’ are painted. A key quote from the author’s preface: ‘The fact that in the limited time given to him Jesus made the teaching and showing of the Kingdom his priority is indicative of its importance in the life and understanding of his followers.’

Dr Rowan Williams adds this in his foreword: ‘This is a book that will help us all pray and think and renew our longing to be where Jesus is.’

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Lieut-Colonel Alan Bateman

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