Territorial envoyship

Territorial envoys make a commitment to serve as a Salvation Army leader for a minimum of three years.

They are often based within the division in which they applied, but occasionally they receive an appointment elsewhere in the territory, though personal circumstances are taken into consideration.

After being accepted, a territorial envoy will be given an appointment. Territorial envoys are usually involved in corps leadership.


Training involves two weeks at William Booth College during the first year and one week in subsequent years, as well as correspondence work. Every third year there is a review to determine the best way forward for the territorial envoy.

Territorial Envoy Samantha Jones
Territorial Envoy Samantha Jones

Practical matters

To be considered for service as a territorial envoy you must:

  • Be a soldier of good standing in The Salvation Army.
  • Be at least 18 years old at the start of the appointment. The upper age limit is 65 and service will not continue past the age of 68.
  • Not have had more than one divorce. However, in exceptional circumstances, consideration will be made to an application where the number of divorces does not exceed two.
  • Complete the application and selection process which includes a medical, a psychological assessment, disclosure checks, and a financial statement.


  • It is important that any debt you have will be manageable.
  • You will receive a monthly allowance.

Is God calling you?

Chat to your corps officer to:

  • Find out more
  • Talk about your calling
  • Offer yourself for service as an officer or territorial envoy

You can also contact the Candidate's Unit: vocation@salvationarmy.org.uk


William Booth College

Your guide to becoming an officer or territorial envoy.

William Booth College

The application process to become an officer or a territorial envoy.

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