Mission Service


Big Collection 2022 chaplaincy focus
We champion chaplaincy and provide an ongoing resource and reference point for all Salvationists that deliver any form of chaplaincy on behalf of The Salvation Army.

Across the territory, both within centralised services and across the divisions, Salvationists deliver mission services as chaplains in a myriad of contexts.  

The Salvation Army has chaplains in airports, schools, colleges, retail centres, prisons, hospices, care homes, life houses and government departments. There are Salvation Army chaplains serving with the police, the military, the fire services, and hospitals and so many more.

Each of these chaplains represent the living embodiment of our faith and the mission of The Salvation Army.

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Is God calling you?


A lifelong commitment to Salvation Army leadership that's taken after deep thought and prayer.


Territorial envoyship

A commitment to serve as a Salvation Army leader for a minimum of three years.

Territorial envoyship


One of The Salvation Army’s primary roles has always been to break new ground with the gospel.


Local officership and service

Committing to ministry within your local setting.

Calling and vocation