14-20 October 2023

International Development Week

Global Community

International Development Week will take place during Saturday 14 to Friday 20 October (with 'ID Sunday' falling on 15 October). 

This year's theme is 'Global Community' exploring what it means to be community and considering the idea that church should be an example of community at its best – loving, serving, inclusive, generous.

Overall, it is an opportunity to explore, celebrate and support The Salvation Army's work tackling poverty and injustice around the world during the Sunday and throughout the week.

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Resources for Prayer and Engagement

Key Dates

Six prayer stations on different aspects of how to pray for our global community.

Key Dates

Lection Divina, a quiz, suggested Bible passages and songs to support a time of corporate worship.

Key Dates

Content to inform teaching or a talk, with context from Philippians 2:1-11 and information about the work in Kenya, Pakistan and Tanzania.

Key Dates

Three colouring sheets available to print based on Philippians 2:4

Key Dates

Photos from projects in Kenya, Pakistan and Tanzania

PowerPoint and Logo

Key Dates

Download the PowerPoint template.

Key Dates

Download the logo.

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Other useful content

Connecting Salvationists around the world so that we can learn from and support one another.  

Benjamin Gilbert invites the territory to pray for the Army’s work this International Development Week.

Support international Salvation Army projects responding to poverty and injustice.

Consider your response to social issues.