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Self-Denial 2024
Explore faith and belonging with The Salvation Army

No matter who you are or what you are searching for: you are welcome here.

Belonging and Believing: The survey results

Salvationist shares the headline findings of the Membership Working Group’s survey and conversations.

Feature | Membership
2 Mar 2024

Belonging and Believing: Belonging and mission

Major Kerry Coke talks to Salvationist about her session at Belonging and Believing: The Big Conversation.

Interview | Membership
2 Mar 2024

‘I am a follower of Jesus’

Tatiane Del Campo (Sutton) shares how she is part of the body of Christ through the Army.

2 Mar 2024

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Upcoming events

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  • Intercultural Mission Conference

    Gather to learn more about intercultural mission at the King's Park Conference Centre in Northampton.

    Mar 2024
  • Mindset

    An online training course to equip leaders to help young people feel more resilient and cope with what life throws at them.

    Online learning | Children & Youth
    Mar 2024, Sep 2024
  • CY Schoolswork Conference

    The annual conference from the Children and Youth Department: Find out why your local school needs you.

    Conference | Children & Youth
    Mar 2024
  • Easter Music Course

    A week of music, Bible study, fun and fellowship for Salvationists and friends of The Salvation Army. 

    Music and creative arts
    Apr 2024
  • Belongings on Tour

    Don't miss your chance to see the new musical from Music and Creative Arts.

    Music and creative arts
    Apr 2024, Jun 2024, Oct 2024
  • Pioneer Gathering 2024: Connected

    A weekend for missional people to connect through worship, prayer and conversation.

    Apr 2024
  • Godly Play Core Training

    A three-day course to enable you to understand the Godly Play method for the spiritual development of children.

    In-person learning
    Apr 2024
  • Join the Crescendo Forum

    Join together with music and creative arts leaders from across the territory.

    Online | Music and creative arts
    Apr 2024, Jun 2024
  • Natural Church Development Conference

    Consider how to best capitalise on the strengths God has placed in your corps.

    Apr 2024
  • Exploring Leadership Day

    An event for all ages to celebrate together and explore spiritual leadership, officership, vocation and ministry.

    Apr 2024
  • Musical Theatre Day

    7-17 yrs: Learn and perform songs, dances and drama scenes from Salvation Army and West End musicals.

    Workshop | Music and creative arts
    May 2024
  • Riverbank Women's Conference

    Join women of all ages to encounter God in worship, engage in Christian teaching and explore our God-given potential.

    May 2024 - Jun 2024

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Information and resources for the Self-Denial Appeal 2024.

Resources to support corporate worship, prayer times and ministry with children, youth and midweek groups.

Resources to help you make a habit this Lent including material for Mother's Day and Palm Sunday too.

Resources to help you celebrate and reflect this Mother's Day

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