Poetry Corner: Harvest

7 Oct 2023 | Podcast, Poetry Corner
A selection of Harvest poems written by Salvationist magazine readers.

Grounded in faith

7 Oct 2023 | Feature
From harvesting crops to wild worship, Lyn Woods explores faith and ministry outdoors.

Baked with love

7 Oct 2023 | Viewpoint
As viewers tune in to the new season of Bake Off, Stephanie Hope considers how God made us.

Fully Scored: Ep 47

6 Oct 2023 | Podcast, Fully Scored
Fully Scored presents a special tribute to one of the Army's greatest composers, Major Leslie Condon.

The why of worship

5 Oct 2023 | Feature
Captain Callum McKenna encourages us to consider how worship helps us share the gospel.


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