Veggie for a day… or longer?

30 Sep 2023 | Caring for creation, Viewpoint
Lieut-Colonel Jonathan Roberts encourages us to try a meat-free diet for World Vegetarian Day (1 October).

Retired? There’s no such thing!

30 Sep 2023 | Interview
Lyn Woods explores the opportunities for ministry that some officers find as they continue to serve in retirement.

Ep 1: What a Wonderful World

24 Sep 2023 | Podcast, Silver Linings
Andy reflects on the seasons and God's creation in this episode of the Silver Linings podcast.

Secret service

23 Sep 2023 | Interview, Modern slavery
Major Estelle Blake unpacks the vital role that chaplains play in safe houses for survivors of modern slavery.

The parable of the tenants

23 Sep 2023 | Bible study
Lieutenant Matthew Stone sows some ideas on how rejecting God will reap its own harvest.


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