Love God, Love Others

Self-Denial 2024

Called by God – supported by you

Go without something to support the work of the international Salvation Army.

Self-Denial gives us a valuable opportunity to unite with Salvationists around the world, share the love of Jesus and care for people who are disadvantaged and in need.

This year, our focus is on the life-changing impact of officers across the globe. By supporting officers to flourish in their roles, we can help them continue to transform lives in their local communities.

Money raised by our territory will be redistributed by International Headquarters to the countries and projects that need it most.

What will you give up?

Deny yourself something for a month and give the money it would have cost to the Self-Denial Appeal instead.

Here are some ideas:

1. A daily offering

Give up something that you do every day. For example, instead of paying to take the bus you could walk or cycle. Or you could cut out a simple treat like a takeaway coffee or a chocolate bar.

2. A specific sacrifice

Go without a specific treat or luxury. It could be a trip to the cinema or a meal out, or perhaps a new pair of trainers or clothes you don’t really need.

3. One week’s salary

Some people feel called to give back to the Lord in thanks to what he has given them. To donate in this special way, please talk to your corps officer or treasurer to find the simplest way to do so.

Called to love and serve

Around the world, officers are not only sharing the gospel but living it out too.

Our sacrificial gifts can help equip officers with training, resources and infrastructure to respond to God's calling.

Transforming lives in Greenland

Captain Nathanael, his wife Ruchama and three children live in Nuuk, Greenland’s capital city. There are more homeless people here, as a proportion of the population, than any other European city. And Nathanael’s work running The Salvation Army corps is vital.

A photo of Captain Nathanael

He opens early to welcome people who are homeless and others who are struggling with addiction. Nathanael says that understanding needs and difficulties is key, but it can be hard for people to talk about them. So, he runs a welcoming café where people can relax and chat. Music plays a big part in his ministry too, he said: 'Singing helps express emotions, as well as uniting people.'

Anna-Maria and Paul are drug addicts and their children are in care, and now the couple are homeless too. They desperately wanted to turn their lives around but couldn’t see how. Now they find practical help, love and hope at Nathanael’s centre.

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