Self-Denial Resources

What resources are available for Self-Denial 2024?

Five films exploring how The Salvation Army is supporting officers in India, Uruguay and Greenland are available to view and download below. There are also weekly prayer points directly related to the films released and are available in ready produced PowerPoint slides. 

​In addition to the films, the following resources are available:

  • ​Envelopes
  • Poster
  • Leaflet
  • Personal collection boxes
  • Teaching outline

We really hope and pray that as these resources are used in your worship services this Self-Denial, your corps will be encouraged to support the international mission of The Salvation Army. 

For more information visit the Self-Denial page

If you have any queries, please email Bex Turner, Head of Community and Membership Fundraising, at

What is the focus for Self-Denial 2024?

Every year, Self-Denial gives us a valuable opportunity to unite with salvationists around the world, to share the love of Jesus and to care for people who are disadvantaged and in need. This year, our focus is on the life-changing impact of officers across the globe. By supporting officers to flourish in their roles, we can help them continue to transform lives in their local communities. 

Working in communities, they get to know vulnerable people and their difficulties. With this understanding, together we can make a massive impact and transform lives. This year, our Self-Denial offerings will help them carry out their work most effectively. Around the world, salvationists are answering God’s calling, with dedication and service. Our sacrificial gifts can help equip people with training, resources and infrastructure to do God’s work.

How to order Self-Denial 2024 collection envelopes

To order the Self-Denial envelopes, personal collection boxes or hard copies of the poster or leaflet, please email You can also download copies of the poster and leaflet below. 

Self-Denial logo with the video activity sheet

Video Activity

Print question sheets for children and youth to answer during the weekly Self-Denial videos.


Thank you to Jonny Searle from Boscombe Corps, for providing and creating the Self-Denial Video Activity. 

Printed resources


Download and make your own collection box


Download the poster to promote the appeal


Download the Self-Denial 2024 collection envelope


Download and fold the leaflet to give out

sample document with self-denial logo

Self-Denial Sermon Outline


Make your donation online

Give to Self-Denial

Discover more

Go without something to support the work of the international Salvation Army.

Connect session for the Self-Denial Appeal in February.

Benjamin Gilbert explains the differences and links between the Army’s two major international appeals.

Use your resources to build God's Kingdom.

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