Welcome to this special resource which has been created specifically with The Big Pedal in mind.

The resource is designed to be flexible enough to be used in a variety of different contexts and settings. It might be that you choose to work through the ‘FIT’ (Focus, Implement, Time) headings over the course of a week as you journey through The Big Pedal, do one once a week or even once a month, depending on what suits you individually, or others, if you are journeying with a group of people.

How you fit the material around your cycling or within your time is up to you: it could be that you spend time reading and reflecting on the scripture before you start your ride, then afterwards, spend time reflecting on the three questions as part of your daily your wellness, but there’s no right or wrong way.

Download the resource below.

two women cycling


bike leaning against a wall
Place your trust in the Eternal; rely on Him completely; never depend upon your own ideas and inventions. Give Him the credit for everything you accomplish, and He will smooth out and straighten the road that lies ahead.
Proverbs 3:5-6 (The Voice)

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