Big Connection Resources

Resources to help individuals and corps fundraise for The Big Connection (previously known as the Big Collection).  

Welcome to The Big Connection!

The Big Connection is our annual fundraising initiative for The Salvation Army’s Social Work Trust. This appeal is about more than just raising funds - it's about sharing our vision and inviting others to join our mission. It’s an opportunity to give our time, energy, prayers, and the money we raise back to God and to show his love to people who are in most need in our communities. Through this initiative, we can build real connections in our community and invite everyone to be part of making it better.

Resource ordering and fund allocation 

Complete the allocation form to say where you want the funds you raise to go and order hard copy resources for The Big Connection by the 16 June deadline. 

More resources to support you

On this page you will be able to find the following resources (some are available now and others are coming soon) - 

We offer various resources to support your efforts:

  • Fundraising Toolkit: Includes ideas, materials, and project examples.
  • Poster and leaflet
  • Contactless Devices: Available from August 2024, ideal for cashless donations. With set donation options these new user-friendly devices allow donors to simply tap their contactless payment card or smartphone to make an instant, secure donation. 
    Please register your interest to receive a device by contacting the Digital Projects team at 
  • Outreach Resources: Helps you introduce people you connect with to The Salvation Army. 
  • Inspiring Video: Showcases fundraising efforts and success stories like Norwich Citadel's.
The Big Collection

A toolkit to help you fundraise for your corps

The Big Collection

Fold out leaflet with details about this year's Big Connection

The Big Collection

Poster to help promote the Big Connection

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Primary Pupils Faith in Action Image

Help children get involved

Facts, news articles, photos and puzzles are available to help primary school children understand more about The Salvation Army's work in the community.

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Discover more

Fundraising materials for your corps or a project close to your heart.

Information and resources for the Self-Denial Appeal 2024.

Resources to support this year's Helping-Hand Appeal.

Helping people understand the importance of generous and sacrificial living.