Care for Creation Explore it

Children's Discipleship Material - for Small Groups

For ages 7-12

Each session includes content for a 30-40 minute group meeting under the headings Start it, Sing it, Tell it, Action it, Pray it. There is also Explore it Ideas (For Me) and (Together),  an additional resource to send home to families, to explore the theme further. 

These four sessions have been taken from previous Explore it material with a focus on caring for creation. New sessions are released monthly, for the newest sessions Click here

Other useful links

This song from the Right Tracks resource gives lots of ideas to help look after the environment. *Includes School Assembly Resources*

Youth small group material focusing on caring for creation and protecting the environment

Supporting the territory to care for creation and tread softly on our common home.

Discipleship material for children’s groups. To help your group to interact, grow and have fun together. Now available: July 2024 and Light Guides for younger children.