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Do you want to know more about The Salvation Army? If you are, you've come to the right place!

This page is filled with information to support your learning. So if you are doing a school project, your homework or just want to know more, we have lots of different topics for you to explore - with more coming soon!

Each topic has a range of resources to help you.

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  • Fact sheets: Information explaining each topic.
  • Frequently asked questions: Based on popular questions ask about The Salvation Army.
  • In the news: Mini news stories highlighting some of the things we have been doing.
  • Puzzle sheets: A fun way to explore each topic further.
  • PowerPoint presentation: Images to help support your research.
  • Videos: A great way to learn even more!


These resources can also help learning in the classroom. Why not print out the relevant resources to support your pupils or send the web link. Great for individual or group research tasks or even as display posters.


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What is The Salvation Army?

A range of resources, lessons and activities to introduce primary school children to the beliefs, history and work of The Salvation Army.

Community (Primary)

Resources for teaching about The Salvation Army's work in the community.

History (Primary)

Resources for assemblies, lessons and talks focussing on William and Catherine Booth and the early days of The Salvation Army.

Caring During Coronavirus

Resources for teaching about The Salvation Army's work during the pandemic.