Religious Education (Primary)

Lessons exploring aspects of the Christian faith and how faith inspires people to help others.

Explore different aspects of faith

A faith-based song from the Right Tracks resource that tells us Jesus is always with us. It can be used as part of worship with children. *Includes School Assembly Resources*

A faith-based song from the Right Tracks resource. The song tells the story of God giving his son to us. *Includes School Assembly Resources*

A Right Tracks song highlighting the goodness of God. *Includes School Assembly Resources*

This is a Right Tracks song which outlines the key beliefs of a Christian and reaffirms our faith. *Includes School Assembly Resources*

This is a faith-based song and part of the Right Tracks resource. The song reminds us that we can talk to God all the time. *Includes School Assembly Resources*

Caring During Coronavirus KS2

Caring During Coronavirus

New: A lesson for KS2 exploring the work of The Salvation Army during the pandemic.

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Explore more about Jesus, the Bible, worship and faith in action...

Resources introducing the Salvation Army's beliefs, work and faith.

A range of resources, lessons and activities to introduce primary school children to the beliefs, history and work of The Salvation Army. NEW: Survey to help redevelop this resource. Send us your feedback and ideas!

Resources for schools teaching about The Salvation Army's work in the community.

This practical resource helps you organise an exciting and memorable primary school visit at your corps or centre.

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