Have you felt inspired to organise a trip to another country to do something good for other people? The Salvation Army International Development UK team can help!

We have developed a set of resources that can help you plan a trip with maximum positive impact for all involved. The resource, known as GLIMPSE, offers advice and useful tips for you as team leader as well as tools to inspire your team and help them reflect on the learning experience of their lives.

Photo of GLIMPSE Leader's Guide and Journal on top of a colourful map of the world

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Connecting Salvationists around the world so that we can learn from and support one another.  

Eli Clifton (Maidstone) and Lynette Kakande (Gateshead) introduce the theme for this year’s Self-Denial Appeal.

Resources to support this year's Helping-Hand Appeal.

Inspiring young people and children to take practical action to help the victims of modern slavery.