15 July 2023

Live updates from Saturday at Together 2023

Bethany Gibson

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Live updates from Croydon, South London, on the second day of Together 2023.


This evening’s session reflected on the day’s theme Encountering the Holy, with sung worship led by Meraki, a Bible reading from John 7:25–41 in 13 different languages, dance and testimony.

Territorial Commander Commissioner Anthony Cotterill shared a powerful Bible message that challenged everyone present to recognise that ‘this encountering of the Holy has beautiful and awesome consequences’.

The TC explained: ‘As he died to make us holy, let us live to make men, women, boys and girls free… Us becoming ambassadors of holiness, us becoming defenders of justice, us becoming active in bringing the Kingdom of God with power to the communities, to the places, where we have our being.’

A photo collage: The first photo is of Commissioner Anthony Cotterill sharing the Bible message on the stage of Fairfield Halls, and the second is of worship group Meraki leading worship next to a cross with purple cloth hung around it.
Commissioner Anthony Cotterill and Meraki

Following worship there was a live recording of The All Terrain Podcast, with host Jo Taylor interviewing Colonels Paul and Jenine Main (THQ).

The podcast invites guests to reflect on their life journey, and Paul and Jenine honestly shared personal experiences of facing change and suffering, as well as the challenges and isolation of leadership.

A photo of Jo Taylor speaking to Paul and Jenine Main. They are seated on a stage with a BSL translator sitting next to them.
Jo Taylor in conversation with Colonels Paul and Jenine Main – the evening was translated into British Sign Language

That's it for today! Join us in the morning for the commissioning and ordination of the Reflectors of Holiness.

Good night!


Worship Together, the Saturday evening session, has just started. Before the audience took their seats, music filled the foyer with energetic mini concerts from Meraki and Salvation Brass.

A photo of Meraki performing, a worship group with guitarists, singers, a drummer and keyboard player
A photo of a brass band performing in the foyer of Fairfield Halls. There is a large crowd listening
Salvation Brass


There’s something for everyone at Together 2023! From foyer concerts and the International Staff sections to a MACA Dance workshop and a community festival in the park opposite Fairfield Halls.

A photo collage of music groups performing. The first photo is a Ukrainian folk group wearing traditional dress and the second photo is a choir.
Thornton Heath Ukrainian Choir and Portsmouth Citadel Songsters
A photo collage. The first photos shows the ISS singing with a person interpreting in British Sign Language. The second is of the ISB.
The ISS with British Sign Language translation and the ISB
A photo of a children's dance workshop
A high energy children's dance workshop with MACA Dance

Despite the blustry weather, Salvationists from Croydon Citadel and further afield have been inviting members of the public to have a quick game of volleyball, football and rugby. The Get OWT! gazebo has been offering activities for younger children and two groups have set out on muddy walks to reflect on our care for creation mission priority.

A photo of two Salvation Army gazebos in a park with people of all ages socialising
An opportunity to engage with the community in the local park
A photo of Charlie Green singing in a park next to a person wearing a Salvation Army red shield costume
Charlie Green and Shieldy entertain the crowd at the community festival – other performers include Salvation Brass and African Fellowship Zimbabwe

Spotlight Talks are taking place throughout the afternoon. Explore salvationist.org.uk for an insight into some of the teams and topics that are featured today:


It’s been a busy morning at Together 2023.

The doors opened at 9.30am and the marketplace, SP&S shop, pop-up charity shop, prayer bureau and art exhibition have been hives of activity.

A photo of two people looking at resources and talking at the Family Ministries stand in the marketplace
The Families Ministries team is just one of many ready to chat to people in the marketplace
A photo of three members of the Resources Team holding postcards and standing in front of their stall in the Together 2023 marketplace
The Resources team has been sharing information about the wealth of content on salvationist.org.uk/resources
A photo of a man painting a picture of two children helping one another on an easel
Live art in the Art Exhibition
A photo collage featuring photos from the art exhibition at Together 2023. There are works of art on a pop-up display
Salvationists from across the territory have been exploring the weekend's theme in art – you can read more about Lieutenant Debbie-anne Hogarth's piece, 'Flickering' (left), in this week's 'Salvationist' magazine

Lieutenant Liam Beattie (Leicester West) and Harum Yu (New Malden) led Bible study sessions this morning examining the weekend’s key text of 1 Peter 1:15 and 16. This week’s Bible study in Salvationist magazine is written by Lieutenant Liam.


Welcome to live updates from Saturday at Together 2023

I’m Beth and I’m the editor of salvationist.org.uk. The Big Stride kick-started today's programme. It's a new Sports Mission initiative that also enables people to raise funds for their favourite Salvation Army project.

A group photo of people wearing Salvation Army branded running clothes in a park
Salvationists completed a 5k run in a local Croydon park, while others joined in the Big Stride across the territory

A devotional podcast and Spotify playlist has been created to help runners engage their body, mind and spirit as they complete the challenge wherever they are.

For more information about the Big Stride and raising funds for your favourite Salvation Army project, go to salvationarmy.org.uk/run/big-stride.

Coming up today at Together 2023:

  • 1011am and 11.30am12.30pm Bible Study
  • 122pm Foyer Concerts
  • 1.30–5.40pm Spotlight Talks
  • 1.30–2.30pm MACA Dance Workshop
  • 24pm ISB and ISS in Concert
  • 2.304.30pm Community Festival in the Queen's Gardens
  • 46pm Foyer Concerts
  • 6.308pm Worship Together
  • 8.309.30pm After Hours with The All Terrain Podcast

Stay tuned for more updates or follow our Facebook Stories: @SalvationistUKI.

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