WW1 (Primary)

KS1 and KS2 Ages 5-11

An exciting teaching resource based on the First World War. If it's an assembly, a stand-alone lesson, an in-depth sequence of lessons, or just want to know more... look no further! 


A3 Poster WW1

WW1 A3 poster.


A3 Children's WW1 War Cry

Hold a bit of history in your hand! Based on WW1 articles from The Salvation Army newspaper, the War Cry; print and let pupils read and learn at their own pace.


A4 Children's WW1 War Cry Insert

This is an optional insert for the Children’s WW1 War Cry, with more religious and serious articles.


Kids Fact Sheets - The First World War And The Salvation Army

What did The Salvation Army do in the First World War? Find out here!

WW1 Poster Thumbnail

WW1 Printed Resources

Contact us if you would like to order any resources: WW1 A3 poster (free) Children's WW1 War Cry (free) not inc P&P

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Series of Lessons

KS2 Ages 7-11

Four lessons covering the humanitarian aid given to soldiers and sailors - abroad and in the UK.  Pupils explore how and why The Salvation Army supported servicemen, in a thought-provoking yet fun and creative way. 

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